First Rain

The Girl in the First Rain
First Rain

Fountains of happy feelings are shooting cheers all the way
Chutes of joys are showering down with the summer's first rain

Flock of birds kiss the river face in a sprightly game play
The river swells with pride inviting these merry birds again

Call of the nature is answered by trees who sway and whistle
Cleansed branches bow down to touch feet of the earth mother

Fallen leaves draw a portrait, painted in the color of drizzle
Artist in the clouds shows, why he is second to none other

Spring from the heavens has brightened the colors of the temple
Red and blue flowers compete each other with their bright colors

Many a lights dance on shimmering roads enjoying the sprinkle
Peeping Sun looks at its own reflection in water made mirrors

Sweet smell from the wet earth has captured everyone's senses
Couples fallen in love, walk arm in arm by the romantic byways

Girls look even pretty giving dazzling smiles to flirting breezes
Unhesitatingly, the lightening flashes to capture their jolly ways

Mother sheep fascinatingly watches her lamb running from the rain
Water puddles are full of playful children with nothing to complain

Withered faces in windows reflect childlike fervor through the panes
Hoping in their hearts to see again the next summer's first rain