Be aware when Filling Petrol to Bike

Hai Friends,
This is a freak incident that happened recently.

A young man and his 4 year old son went to a petrol bunk near Lalbagh (Bangalore) to fill in petrol for his bike. The boy was sitting on the pillion behind him.

Filling Petrol to Bike
Filling Petrol to Bike

The helper who fills petrol held the petrol gun upwards, and turned towards the meter to re-set the meter. As soon as the setting was done the petrol came out gushing out of the gun – due to some malfunction – (at least that’s what they said) in full speed and splashed all over the 4 yr old boy and his father.

Petrol entered the eyes of the boy. Immediately the boy was taken into the cleaning area and was showered in a water jet. They washed his eyes with lot of water. But the boy could not see anything.

The young man took the child to the hospital and immediately the hospital authorities put him in ICU. The kid was then transferred to Vittala Netralaya and after 2 days of treatment he got some vision again. Now he is all right and is at home.

The doctors told that just because the water cleaning was done immediately, he has vision today otherwise the boy would have been blind by now. Petrol (along with impurities) can burn the tissues inside the eye.

Now why am I posting this? Please take some precautions next time you are at a petrol bunk.

1. If the engine was in running condition, this could have caused a major Fire. So Switch off the engine in bunks.
2. Drop small kids and the person sitting behind you outside the bunk and fill in petrol. Kids are more sensitive than grown ups.
3. Ask the petrol bunk helper boy to hold the gun down. Even if there is such an accident let the petrol flow down and not on your face.
4. Share this post to everyone and make them aware..