How to Stop Nail Biting


How to Stop Nail Biting

You must have often seen students biting their nails before exams, actors doing it at back stage, or degree holders doing it before going for the interview. Nail biting is a decision taken unconsciously out of nervousness, excitement or anxiety. However If not controlled then in no time it develops into a habit.

Why would any one want to stop this habit?

The chief reason is that we all want to have long, beautiful and well shaped nails which we can show off. These kinds of nails a nail biter surely can't afford.

It damages ones personality also. Imagine that on a date a girl out of nervousness starts biting her nails. That will obviously give a bad impression to the boy.

The germs and dirt settled under the nails goes into the mouth during the activity of biting nails which earns a bad health for one.

Quiting the habit of nail biting is not a tough job. With little bit of self control and determination any of us can do it.

First start from setting short term period for which you will not bite your nails. 3days, a week, decide according to your will power.

Don't forget to give your self a reward when you complete this goal. This reward can be anything like buying your self nail paint or some accessory. However, if you don't finish your goal then give yourself a tight slap or punish yourself buy reducing your shopping dates for that month. Rewarding will temp you to quit this habit and punishing will make you not wanting to bite your nails again.

There are people who are found to be wearing gloves all day long so that they can prevent themselves from biting nails. You can also try this in initial stage and then after some days check whether you can do without the gloves also. Wearing gloves for some days won't prove to be a bad investment if it helps you get rid of this habit.

Are mouth hates to accept things that are not liked by are taste buds. That gives you one more chance to quit this habit. Apply non toxic gels on your nails. The bad taste of the gel will not let you bite your nails again. Don't forget to make sure that you purchase a non toxic gel only that will be safe both for your and your nails health.

We should not forget that habit are always decision taken by are unconscious mind so the best thing is to let your sub conscious know that you want to leave this habit. Every day before going to bed say 10 times loudly that you don't want to bite your nails again. Let your sub-conscious listen to it and in not time you will find yourself free from this habit.
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