10 ways to cut down calories

10 ways to cut down calories, How to reduce fat, Women, Diet to loss weight
10 ways to cut down calories
10 ways to cut down calories

A small spoonful (5mL) of most cooking oils has more than 40 calories. So, use only a few drops while cooking.
Change your nonstick pans once the coating wears off. The expense is worth the calories saved.

All the foods that you eat fried can be eaten grilled, roasted, or steamed. This means oil-free cooking and considerable calories saved.

Instead of having fruit juice at breakfast, have fruits. While an average orange has about 60 calories, a glass (250mL) of orange juice has more than 100 calories.

Soft drinks are an easy route through which calories sneak into your body. Avoid these sugary drinks and have more water instead.

Fruit smoothies, flavored ice candies, flavored yogurt are all relatively low calorie options. An appealing bowl of chilled mixed fruits can also help take your mind off the ice-cream.

Low fat milk and yogurt has about half the calories as its full fat version. Instead of avoiding dairy altogether switch to the low fat variety.

Make it a habit to put your food on a plate or bowl before you eat it. This means not eating handfuls directly from the bag.

Calorie cutting should be a slow and steady effort rather than the launch of a sudden war against food. Try to reduce and change your eating habits over a couple of weeks and not overnight.

Eat at home before stepping out or carry a homemade snack in your bag. Eat out only when you are eating-out.