10 Great Reasons to Drink Water

10 Great Reasons to Drink Water, and How to Form the Water Habit We all know that water is good for us, but often the reasons are a little...

Srinivasa Rao M 7 Nov, 2011

Blood Pressure Chart

This Blood Pressure Chart is very useful for daily life

Trawel India 31 Oct, 2011

Railroad Tracks Therapy

Railroad Tracks Therapy Railroad tracks therapy is taking Indonesia by storm. People believe that such therapy can cure various diseases be...

Trawel India 17 Aug, 2011

Curious Facts about Sleep

16 Things you didn't know about Sleep

Trawel India 21 Jul, 2011 2

10 Tips for Good Night Sleep

Stick to a schedule : Erratic bedtimes do not allow for your body to align to the proper circadian rhythms. Mum was right when she set a ti...

Trawel India 4 Jul, 2011

Effects of Cold Water

Effects of Cold Water For those who like to drink cold water, this article is applicable to you. It is nice to have a cup of cold drink a...

Srinivasa Rao M 13 Apr, 2011

Clean your Kidneys in less than Rs 1.00

CLEAN YOUR KIDNEYS IN LESS THAN Rs 1.00 Years pass by and our kidneys are filtering the blood by removing salt, poison and any unwanted ...

Srinivasa Rao M 28 Mar, 2011

True Story Behind The Movie Traffic

True Story Behind The Movie Traffic Only because of people like them, the world is still alive ..... a heart touching real life incident...

Srinivasa Rao M 21 Mar, 2011 13

Curing Cancer with Baking Soda

Curing Cancer with Baking Soda: What MD’s and Naturopaths Don’t Know by Gregory Delaney Wouldn’t the delusional physicians and the big ph...

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Heart Attacks and Hot Water

A very good article which takes two minutes to read. Sending this to persons we care about........I hope you will do the same!!! This is ...

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How to Stop Nail Biting

HOW TO STOP NAIL BITING You must have often seen students biting their nails before exams, actors doing it at back stage, or degree hold...

Srinivasa Rao M 5 Mar, 2011 1

10 ways to cut down calories

10 ways to cut down calories A small spoonful (5mL) of most cooking oils has more than 40 calories. So, use only a few drops while cooking...

Srinivasa Rao M 5 Mar, 2011

Diet for Pregnant Women

A well balanced diet is more important for pregnant women, because it serve the needs of both the mother and baby in the womb. A nutritious ...

Srinivasa Rao M 3 Mar, 2011

Reduce cell phone usage time

Reduce cell phone usage time

Srinivasa Rao M 2 Mar, 2011

7 Dont's After a Meal

7 Dont's after a Meal 1. Don't smoke- Experiment from experts proves that smoking a cigarette after meal is comparable to smoking...

Srinivasa Rao M 21 Feb, 2011