Motorcycle Night Riding Tips

Motorcycle Night Riding Tips, Motor Cycle Driving on Nights, How to Drive Vehicles on Night
Motorcycle Riding at Night 

Riding a motorcycle after dark takes additional skills. Here are some things to think about before you enter the darkness on two wheels.
How to Ride a Motorcycle at Night

Steps :-
  1. Motorists can barely see a motorcycle during the day. Expect to be nearly invisible at night unless you are riding a white bike loaded with extra lights.
  2. Plan your trips to minimize night riding. As you get older you'll find that your vision may become another reason not to ride at night.
  3. Ride with your low beam on at night but be ready to use the high beam to see farther down the road.
  4. Try to wear reflectors on your helmet and jacket.
  5. If you have loud pipes, be more sensitive of the noise level as the evening wears on.
  6. Be sure to wear clothing that will keep you warm as the temperature drops.
  7. Be sure to carry a cellphone and small flashlight on the bike.
  8. Be wary of animals darting out in front of you, especially dogs and cats. Be prepared to stop completely if necessary to avoid being struck by dog or cat.
  9. Drunk drivers will be on the road with you. Try to be ready to avoid them. Also, don't drink and ride – ever.
  10. Be careful rounding unfamiliar curves where loose gravel or sand may await you.
  11. Avoid bad areas where residents may attempt to steal your bike or do you harm under the cover of darkness.

Tips :-
Wait until you become a proficient motorcycle rider during the day before you attempt to ride after dark.