True Story Behind The Movie Traffic

True Story Behind The Movie Traffic

Only because of people like them, the world is still alive ..... a heart touching real life incident...

Chennai 25th September 2008, Photos of Jithenthran
Chennai 25th September 2008, Photos of Jithenthran

Chennai : 25th Sep 2008

1st photo : Jithenthran...2nd photo is his father and mother...3rd photo: The doctor didn't even remove the face mask and head cover and coming running right from the operation theatre

The thing is.... there is a family. Parents are doctors...and they had a son named jithenthran.

On 09/24/2008, he took his father's bike for seeing his friend and while return he met with an accident.

The people who are there know him and admitted him at chengelpattu hospital. Then they informed his parents and they took him to Teynampet Apollo hospital.;

There the doctors examined him and said that his brain has lost all his senses and there is no way to give him life. Without controlling the sadness the parents understood the fact and they decided to donate his organs to the people.

First, his eyes were given to Sankara nethralaya, then his kidney was given to Apollo hospital for transplantation and atlast here comes the final everheard miracle. They decided to give his heart to a 6 year old boy who needs it. So they verified and at last found that the boy is struggling for life at Cherians heart foundation, Chennai.

But within 30mins that heart should be transplanted; They need to go 20kms and in Chennai traffic and doubted whether it will happen. Then the doctors called traffic police and asked their help and they prepared the ambulance with A/C. So fastly they removed the heart from their son and kept in an ice box and ran towards the ambulance.

When they came out the boy's father saw that ice box and cried like anything. The doctor who carried tht box ran like anything that he didn't even see the ambulance which is waiting outside and he entered the police car which was waiting. He said to the person to just go to Cherian hospital soon. The person who was standing near the car was the Assistant Commissioner and he without seeing his status and jumped to drivers seat and drove the car with full speed.

Every signal traffic got alert and left way for this car and at last within 15mins the heart was given to the doctors in Cherian hospital and it was transplanted to the small boy. Really heart touching....

Do u know the meaning of the name of the boy who died....

His name is Jithenthran - a person who will steal other's heart..............Yes , now he has stole everyone's heart.....

Really ... hats off to the parents ...